Association “Peaceful and Business Caucasus”

Conducting social, economic and ecologic activities, to support conflict transformation and resolution. Organising scientific/practical conferences, festivals, forums, meetings of different character, discussions and seminaries. Educational programs to support business development, Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian cooperation, Initiating civil partnership. Facilitating conflict zone movement.
Main P a r t n e r s and S u p p o r t e r s of the association:
I. Confidence and Peace Building



Joint initiative of EU and UN. It is aimed at building confidence and activate an early response mechanism in conflict regions (key supporter);

Tel: 995 32 222 4751,  E-mail:


Legal Entity of Public Law- “Internship, Qualification and Employment Support Center for Internally Displaced Persons from Abkhazia, Business Incubator;

Tel: 995 577 09 24 30,  E-mail:


Public Health Foundation of Georgia "GEOCOR"

Tel: (+995 32) 2 421 422, E-mail:

Mob: 599545715, E-mail:




Cultural-Humanitarian Foundation "Sukhumi"

Mob: + 5 97 40 51 46; 592 41 70 70, E-mail:
representative office in Tbilisi

Mob:  599 73 47 57; 574 73 47 57, E-mail:   


Society for Future Generation

Mob: 577051507; E-mail:


Coalition More Involvement

Facebook page: More Involvement (10 Eastern Partnership NGOs)

Mob: 557659085, E-mail:

Mob: 599906094, E-mail:


Public Diplomacy Forum "Blame your friend in his mouth"

Facebook page: Blame your friend in his mouth

Mob: 557659085, E-mail:

Mob: 577  400 779, E-mail:


Georgian-Abkhazian Unity Society "Unity for Tomorrow"

Mob: 591945577, E-mail:


Sokhumi State University, Tbilisi

Tel:032 254 14 24; Mob:577 17 07 40, E-mail:


Akaki Tsereteli State University (including Sokhumi University of Subtropical Agriculture - currently the Faculty of Agrarian, Mob: 577 24 3334) Kutaisi


Tel: (431) 24 00 36,  (431) 24 00 33; Mob: 577 131 502

P.S. Our specialist (Onise Zivzivadze), together with Ukrainian scientist and electrical engineer Andriy Tulparov, successfully introduces and disseminates innovative agro technology, such as aeroponic methodology of plant growth and cultivation - the same aeroponics. It is the most efficient and high level of indoor farming in the world. Aeroponics technology is used for the vegetation of both annual and perennial crops, the quality of which is equal to that of the organic product. Currently, they have tested the technology on 100% ecological agricultural food, which is confirmed by the results of laboratory analysis (the plant is fed with 12-13 elements), and at the current stage, laboratory testing procedures have been started, including 29 natural elements As the most effective and cost-effective way to grow 100% organic products under artificial conditions, including not only in Georgia, but also in the region and the continent for the first time. The project is currently being implemented in Tbilisi, and it is planned to expand the pilot project and production on a regional scale from the second year in Kutaisi, on the basis of LEPL "Business Incubator".  

II. Cooperation in the development / implementation of joint Georgian-Abkhazian, Georgian-Ossetian joint economic projects within the framework of the Government Peace Initiative "Step for a Better Future":


LEPL "Business Incubator" operating in Kutaisi, with about 18 small enterprises located in one space and more than 58 farmers working in different regions of Georgia.

Contact persons:

–         Mamuka Tskhvaradze,

Mob: 599 46 81 82, E-mail:

–         Onise Zivzivadze  - working on innovative grant projects

Mob: +995 555 50 54 25 , E-mail:


Students Touristic Company "All in Georgia"

Founder: Sergo Tsagareishvili, Professor at Akaki Tsereteli State University

Contact person: Lana Kvetenadze, Facebook page: All in Georgia

Mob: 598 32 12 83, E-mail:


Women Entrepreneurs Foundation

Meri Gelashvili, Head of the Board

Mob: 599 97 80 40, 568 97 80 40


Peace Foundation for a Better Future

E-mail: pbbf  , peacefundbf


Georgian Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

Mikheil Chelidze, Mob: +995 599 01 80 18, E-mail:

The second innovative-technological project led by Onise Zivzivadze is in the current phase. This project envisages the introduction of an innovative device / apparatus in Georgia and its worldwide development, which helps to visually impaired people in adapting the environment quite efficiently and at a lower cost, with much more functionalities compared to the various prototypes around the world. Both projects are supported by the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency.


Non commerce (non profitable) legal entity Association “Peaceful and Business Caucasus” was registered in accordance with the legislation of Georgia in August 13, 2004. Registration No #5/4102-5/ზ-11.

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