Business Incubator

LEPL “Business Incubator” of Abkhazia Resume

„Business Incubator” is the mutual initiation of the association “Peaceful and Business Caucasus” (APBC), the partner NGO-s, business sector representatives and the Autonomous Republic of Apkhazia. It was created in Kutaisi and successfully carries out internship, employment and qualification enhancement programmes for internally displaced people from Apkhazia and the other interested people (mainly youth), it also supports creation of essential livelihood sources. „Business Incubator” uses up to 17,0 thousand m2 of the government property with unlimited duration, the buildings of former electromechanical plant and 0,5hectares of the land. 



Non commerce (non profitable) legal entity Association “Peaceful and Business Caucasus” was registered in accordance with the legislation of Georgia in August 13, 2004. Registration No #5/4102-5/ზ-11.

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